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The pool coping is the concrete, stone, tile, or other material that covers the top of the pool. It is used to divide the pool structure and the pool decking. The pool coping is a need, not a want, for underground pools, which is why Rivera Custom Pool Builders offers installation of a pool coping for a great price. There are four types of pool coping that you can do including: brick, paver, travertine, and cantilevered concrete.
The stone called brick is made of a type of clay. It is usually made out of fired or sun-dried clay. Brick pool coping offers a beautiful look, but still has the feature of the separation of stones. Usually, brick coping has the normal red color of bricks that we all know of, but you can also paint the brick to match your house and pool style. With the brick pool coping, you get a nice smooth edge, while keeping the separation of bricks look. The common cost of brick pool coping is twenty-five to thirty dollars per linear foot, but like we said earlier, Rivera Custom Pool Builders offers a great price.
The difference between brick pool coping and paver pool coping is simply the how the edge looks. Basically, brick coping is more of an edge, and paver coping is more curved. Paver coping is almost like the brick coping, so you want to choose which one you want based on the style of the edge that you like. You still get the separation of rock look. The common price range of paver pool coping is anywhere from twenty to twenty-five dollars per linear foot.
Travertine is a chalky, whitish rock that come from mineral springs, but you have a variety of colors to choose from. Travertine comes from the precipitation of carbonate minerals. It gets its name from the town of Tivoli, Italy. Large deposits were found in this town. The ancient name for it was lapis tiburtinus, which people now call travertine. Travertine still offers the separation of rock look. It is also very easy to maintain. This stone gives a more refined look to the pool. Travertine pool coping can range anywhere from thirty-five to fifty dollars per linear foot.
Cantilevered concrete got its name because they pour the concrete over the pool shell and it cantilevers out over the edge. Because of the pool shell, you get a bullnose edge on the pool, which draws a lot of attention. With cantilevered concrete, you get a separated rock look because if the workers do not saw a line to separate it, the concrete will end up cracking in other places. Cantilevered concrete is very low maintenance. It also gives a beautiful look, at an affordable price! Cantilevered concrete pool coping ranges from six to ten dollars per linear foot.

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